From the Files of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Volume 1, Number 1

"Call to Action"

Cover features Agent Brock Dallas and The Green Knight in action poses in front of a starburst. The story opens with both agents in a Paris cafe. Agent 14 arrives and gives them their mission; rescue an uncover agent whose identity has been blown according to intelligence chatter. She leaves them a car which they use to fly to Symkaria.

Upon arriving they immediately go to the Symkarian University dorm room of his cover alias, “David Shalalagish”. There they meet with his dorm roommate under the guise of Roxxon agents looking to make “David” an intern in their alternate fuels division. The roommate is worried about "David"’s absence for the last day or so, but knows nothing. Agent Brock checks the computer using his tactile postcognition ability and discovers that the computer was last used when “David” was contacted by IM from someone asking for a meeting in ten minutes. Realizing that the meeting place could not be far, they thank the roommate and follow their lead.

Outside the dorm they pass the cafeteria and find a student newspaper and remnants of a Latverian Student Association rally from the night before. Using his tactile postcognition power again, Agent Brock discovers that their missing agent had passed by and headed toward the local cafe.

At the local cafe the agents note a drop, so Agent Gerry makes a commotion about ordering a beverage while Agent Brock grabs the small paper left behind in the drop. Agent Brock’s tactile postcognition unveilds that “David” had met with a bureaucrat in the Symkarian Department of Agriculture, Mr. Manfred Millicent.

Now that they have a name and occupation, the two head for the Department of Agriculture. Easily finding Mr. Millicent’s office, they continue their cover as agents of Roxxon interested in energy alternatives. The secretary indicates that their quarry is unavailable, so Agent Brock uses his tactile postcognition to discover that an ape in a suit had passed through the office door early in the morning.

Deciding to track this unusual lead, they discover through further tactile postcognition that the fire exit stairway door had a virtual parade of various well suited primates with briefcases coming in during the early morning hours. Taking the stairs to the roof, they discover a stash of leaves and crated bananas under tarps and a sort of dutch oven behind a hidden panel of the central air unit. Not finding much else, the agents decide to wait for nightfall and the probable reverse parade of monkey-suited monkeys.

Late in the evening, their patience is rewarded as a parade of various primates in business suits with either briefcases or backpacks began to slowly come up and out of the stairway onto the roof. Combat begins between the primates and the humans, and before it can be prevented a warning is shouted down the stairwell. After defeating a couple of chimpanzees, a flying marmoset, bionic baboon, and an ape, the agents make one of the chimpanzees talk. He was only working to support his family back home and, not wanting to die, he promises to take the agents to his organization’s leader. Taking a secret set of handholds down an unlit side of the building, they make their way across the silent parking lot.

The chimp notes that the cars of the hardworking employees who come in early and leave late are the abandoned cars of the humans who had been kidnapped and replaced by his organization. They sneak in early in the morning and leave late at night so that none of the humans will expect the subterfuge by seeing them. Getting into the S.H.I.E.L.D. car, the three blast off into the night air headed toward the answers they seek!



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